2000 – 2003 Personal & Business History

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2000 – 2003 Personal & Business History



I attended Adlai E. Stevenson High School as a freshmen and to say the least, I hated it. I just wasn’t cut out for school from the beginning. From a very young age I always had interest in drugs, drug dealer, and the drug culture. When I was 14 I began smoked weed for the first time was in love with it from the day one. Shortly thereafter, I made connections with older kids and began dealing weed to people my age. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the school or the people in it, it’s just that my interests were focused on the computer and smoking weed.


When I turned 14, I got my first summer job working at a sports camp. The pay was minimum wage, but I loved the job because it got me out of the house. I supplemented this income with my growing Diablo II virtual item selling business. I’m not proud to say it nor am I glorifying it in any way, but I also began selling weed – not so much for the money, but more for the status and ego boost it gave me. The money I was making was being used to save money up for a car, keep my recreationally daily habit of weed smoking going, and to pay people to do all my homework and school papers.