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I was blessed with the ability to make money so it’s my responsibility to give back. Few people know that my true goal in life is to make enough money to spend all my time donating it to various charities, people and organizations that are less fortunate than me.

Business Type: Non-profit
Position: Managing Partner
Active: February 2014 To Present
Corporate Overview
Finally I have been able to get in touch with my brother Kyle’s old business associate, and it has been a great achievement because am now able to retrieve the domain, which is In honor of my brother, I decided to publish a placeholder site in memory of him. My family members and I will never forget the great work he did when he started this foundation, and I decided to include the eulogy that I had prepared and read that day of his funeral.

When I published that quickly patched up site, it was imperative that something more had to be done to keep his candle burning, hold his memories in our minds and tell the world what a great brother we had. The idea gave birth to the formation of 501(c)(3), which is a nonprofit organization.

To be sincere, we are not yet decided about where to channel our charity to because we are spoilt of choice, wondering whether to support animal care and protection, conservation of nature or we just carry on with the existing EWA Kids Nonprofit foundation that is still registered under his name.

We cannot forget Jennifer Barker who his my brother’s ex-fiancée, and my family and I are working hand-in-hand with her so that we can all brainstorm and settle on the right way forward. Since I posted the site and it went live, I have called both my parents and Jennifer on board so that we can create eulogies together and come up with a complete biography that will cement his place on the internet. All of us had different and special attachment to Kyle, and it will be a perfect biography when everyone is given a chance to pour his or her heart and honor our loved family member.

I am glad that these efforts of creating the website that will help me pour my feelings about my brother, and the effort of carrying on with his charity work is giving me the boldness to deal with the pain and grief of losing him.

EWA Web Design Logo
Business Type: 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, Giving Back to Less Fortunate Children
Position: Director
Active: September 2012 – January 2014 (5 months)
Corporate Overview
In 2011, we organized a project where we could ‘adopt’ a family in need for Christmas. When we saw how much joy we were brought to that single family and how far a little money went, we decided to turn it into a charity that could reach more families. In September 2012 it was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.Valerie Eagle was the director and the main organizer of EWA Kids. She coordinated the efforts of many of our employees to work together to find families, buy gifts, wrap gifts, and of course give gifts. We began by contacting local churches, schools and other organizations to find families that were in need. After locating families, we worked with employees to purchase hundreds of gifts and individually wrap each one – a daunting task that took weeks to complete.

The first year of EWA kids was extremely successful, reaching dozens of families throughout the Chicagoland area. During the 2012 holiday season, we gave gifts to over 200 children – donating roughly $10,000. The gifts donated ranged from toys to necessities like clothes. EWA Kids gave everything from toys and video games to necessities like winter jackets and grocery gift cards. We were helping not only the kids, but their families as well.

The whole experience was one of the highlights of my career – it was nice to make even a small little impact on someones life. I may have a pretty infamous reputation as a cut-throat businessman, but it’s my goal in life to make enough money to spend all my time giving it away. Following the closing of Eagle Assets, we decide to as well discontinue with the charity and begin the Kyle Eagle Foundation to replace it.

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