Past Companies

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Past Companies

EWA Web Design Logo
Business Type: 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, Giving Back to Less Fortunate Children
Position: Director
Active: September 2012 – January 2014 (5 months)
Corporate Overview
In 2011, we organized a project where we could ‘adopt’ a family in need for Christmas. When we saw how much joy we were brought to that single family and how far a little money went, we decided to turn it into a charity that could reach more families. In September 2012 it was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.Valerie Eagle was the director and the main organizer of EWA Kids. She coordinated the efforts of many of our employees to work together to find families, buy gifts, wrap gifts, and of course give gifts. We began by contacting local churches, schools and other organizations to find families that were in need. After locating families, we worked with employees to purchase hundreds of gifts and individually wrap each one – a daunting task that took weeks to complete.

The first year of EWA kids was extremely successful, reaching dozens of families throughout the Chicagoland area. During the 2012 holiday season, we gave gifts to over 200 children – donating roughly $10,000. The gifts donated ranged from toys to necessities like clothes. EWA Kids gave everything from toys and video games to necessities like winter jackets and grocery gift cards. We were helping not only the kids, but their families as well.

The whole experience was one of the highlights of my career – it was nice to make even a small little impact on someones life. I may have a pretty infamous reputation as a cut-throat businessman, but it’s my goal in life to make enough money to spend all my time giving it away. Following the closing of Eagle Assets, we decide to as well discontinue with the charity and begin the Kyle Eagle Foundation to replace it.

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Eagle Web Assets Logo
Business Type: Internet Advertising Holding Corporation
Position: Founder & Managing Partner
Active: June 2004 – March 2013 (8 years 10 months)
Corporate Overview

Privately owned debt free Internet advertising corporation focused on building, acquiring and investing in next-generation companies. We thrive in ultra-competitive markets because we bring true innovation and a superior client experience to the table.

Eagle Web Assets ambition is to be a visionary leader in the advancement of Internet advertising, technology development and investment in businesses that we feel can revolutionize the bleak scape that was set down before us. Our daily challenge is to transform how people use the Internet and interact with advertising.

The first seeds of Eagle Web Assets were planted in early 2002 with development of several gaming related websites. The websites were created purely for fun and was a side hobby, generating revenue from on-site advertisements. At that time, hosting was far more expensive and they were generating just enough money to pay for the bills to support them. One of the websites created began to grow in traffic, and to match the advertising profits started rising dramatically.

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EWA Web Design Logo
Business Type:  Web Design Firm
Position:  Head Designer
Active:  June 2007 – January 2009 (1 year 8 months)
xCell Host Logo
Business Type: Web Hosting
Position: Founder
Active: August 2005– August 2008 (2 years)
Corporate Overview
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Blue Capacity Hosting Logo
Business Type:  Web Hosting
Position:  Founder
Active:  August 2005– August 2008 (2 years)
Business Type: Website Development Holding Company
Position: Founder & Owner
Active: February 2002 – June 2004 (2 years, 2 months)
Corporate Overview
xCell Technologies was the first ‘company’ that I ever created, essentially being a holding company for all the websites that I developed. I created websites based on topics that I enjoyed, ranked them in search engines using SEO, and generated profit from the websites. xCell Technologies was not a client-based business (we didn’t create websites for others), all of the websites created, programmed, and SEO’d were for self-profit.
In 2002, I started off developing game related web portals and transitioned into creating my first forum community. After learning from mistakes, I ended up developing a second community based around Photoshop. Around the same time, I created network of individual sites based on hobbies and topics I enjoyed. I utilized a nimble content management system created by my brothers company, EWS Corporation. This PHP code allowed me to deploy 2-3 websites daily, completely SEO’d, and rankable within weeks of launching.
I created a network of websites ranging from sites about next generation game consoles, to web hosting, to free image hosting, blog modification, and myspace-related websites. Soon profits began to rise more and more and the network size grew to around 150 sites before under the xCell Technologies name. After hitting massive success with this company in 2004, it’s name was changed to Eagle Web Assets, Inc. Under Eagle Web Assets, the Website Development division grew to over 450 websites.
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