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Partner With Me

Ready to take your idea or business to the next level?
I’m actively looking for new business parters and businesses to get involved with. Who is this opportunity suited for? A hard-working and creative businessperson who’s willing to put in half of the work to make their company a success. Are you ready to make the next million dollar company? I’m always on the search for businesses which have the potential and the right mind behind it. My experience is in technology, financial services, and marketing fields – so naturally businesses focusing around those aspects are directly congruent to my skills. However, I’m open-minded and willing to venture into other industries with the right partner.I only partner with individuals that can bring something unique to the table. Partners that can do something that I cannot do. You need to be able to offer me something that I cannot get an employee to do. I’ve had many partnerships in my years working, including dozens of multi-million dollar companies formed through partnerships. I am not looking for a glorified employee, I am looking for an equal partner.

I have an abundance of resources to make your businesses even more successful. Additionally, I have years of running businesses under my belt – encountering all the successes and failures that come with it. I’m an expert marketer that never gives up even when faces with the harshest circumstances. When you need to partner with an expert marketer who has had to overcome extremely challenging business decisions, look no further.

Here’s a taste of the resources that I can bring to the table:

  • I’m able to financially invest in the right businesses.
  • I will market your brand successfully, making it recognized in it’s perspective field.
  • I’ve developed a highly effective and efficient infrastructure which is shared with any partnership that I’m involved in.
  • I have streamlined the hiring process for all of my companies, and I will share this process with my partnerships as well.
  • Human resources is one of the most critical parts of any business and I have developed a revolutionized way of managing human resources across all companies that I’m involved in.
  • I will share my large team of employees (legal, SEO, SMM, media buying, writing, design, development, data entry, telemarketing, etc.) to contribute to the growth of the business.

I’m a renowned marketing expert who runs businesses on an international level, which I have accumulated years of experience in doing. My deep advertising knowledge and unrivaled salesmanship has taken businesses to unpredictable levels. Not to mention, I have had to overcome extremely difficult business decisions which helps me understand how to grow companies in the healthiest manner possible.

As you can see, I can help bring your business to the next level in a highly efficient manner. If you’re ready to make the most of it (while making a significant amount of cash), get in touch with me today so we can build the next revolutionary company that’s sure to make an impact across the world. I love business. I live business. I’m addicted to business. I want to share my passion for business with the right partner and build something great. I need someone not afraid to take risks with me, someone that wont give up when faced with failure, someone not looking for a 9-5.

Ryan Eagle

Only the serious and ambitious need apply. EMail Me: [email protected]