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I’ve always believed fully in setting goals and putting your full focus towards achieving them. It’s honestly amazing what the human mind can do with a goal and complete focus towards achieving it. In the beginning my goals were almost all material – exotic cars, more money, bigger diamonds and more homes. Every single goal I set – I achieved. I set goals so damn high I didn’t think it was even remotely possible and I still achieved it somehow. For Godsake – i’ve driven your dream car and already gotten sick of it. I had a good run for a couple years and finally encountered my first failure where I grew most as a person. This page was finally updated March 23rd, 17′ and is focused on me growing internally as an individual – not as a businessman, showman or bigshot.

Short-Term Goals:

  • to not change who I am.
  • to start working on balance.
  • to make time for my hobbies.
  • to physically take better care of myself.
  • to get my thoughts out and share them.
  • to pray more often with more meaning behind it.
  • to stay strong through the challenges coming my way.
  • to subdue my passions and improve myself in masonry.

Business Goals:

  • to be self-reliant.
  • to work with less people.
  • to build a solid foundation.
  • to frugally start companies.
  • to learn from past mistakes.
  • to keep my dealings private.
  • to try new businesses even if I hate it.
  • to continue optimizing myself & employees.

Self Betterment Goals:

  • to stay sober.
  • to be less rigid.
  • to continue seeking balance.
  • to take regular self-inventory.
  • to grow my relationship with God.
  • to drop all of my resentments & hatred.
  • to not be ashamed nor a prisoner of my past.
  • stop rationalizing and beware of self-deception.
  • to stop avoiding problems & deal with emotions.
  • to practice restraint without reverting to negative behavior.

Long Term Goals:

  • to get married.
  • to achieve real balance.
  • to not treat life like a business.
  • to learn how to do ‘manly’ things.
  • to take a year off entirely off from work.
  • to have more children.
  • to vacation at least four six times a year.
  • to continue bettering my home.
  • to not take life so seriously.
  • to achieve greatness.

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