Current Companies

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Current Companies

xCell Fund
Business Type: Import / Export
Position: Founder & President
Active: March 2013 – Present
Corporate Overview

Following the closure of EWA, I decided that I wanted to focus my time on something more tangible – a business outside of the internet industry. One of my friends introduced me to import and export trading business and after doing a couple of wholesale purchases, I was hooked.Response Commodities strives to be a global player in the import / export game. It’s our goal to have diversified portfolio of products that have an international sales reach. Our global network caters to clients across United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. We plan to start operations in South America and Asia soon. We specialize in electronics, nutraceutical products, tobacco products and clothing. Products are imported in from Asia and sold both wholesale and through ecommerice.

Response Commodities imports products primarily from Asia and sells them to retailers, businesses and consumers in United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Our trading teams are highly experienced when it comes to sourcing products from a variety of origins all over Asia, finding them at the lowest prices. We always ensure that ur products are affordable without putting a compromise on quality. Response Commodities then handles the logistics of bulk shipping, bulk selling, and as of 2014 selling to individuals online for higher margins.

Additionally, we are able to do custom orders – offering either unique packaging options or entire products in accordance with our clients needs. Our sales and logistics team work together to ensure there is proper coordination and movements in the delivery of products with minimal product sitting in our warehouses.

Media & Links
ECC Investments
Business Type: Forex & Cryptocurrency Trading Company
Position: Managing Partner
Active: March 2014 To Present
Corporate Overview

ECC Investments is a crypto-currency trading company that I began on March 31st and it went public in April 3rd 2014. A crypto-currency is a type of digital currency that uses encryptions as a means of securing it. Some examples of well know crypto-currencies include Bitcoins, Doge Coins, Litecoins amongst others. I decided to get my hands dirty by investing in alt currencies the only disadvantage was that I could not get any coins myself as nobody could tell me where I could purchase them. Luckily I had a friend who explained to me the whole buying process very patiently.

I made my first purchase on January 22 this year getting myself into the league of neck-bearded nerds. I began actively trading different types of currencies hitting my first huge success with Dogecoin . I enjoy trading crypto currencies and decided to invest on them large scale and thus formed ECC Investments. What was a hobby became a business venture. Crypto-currency trading involves risk and a level of uncertainty. However it can yield high results when done well. I decided to learn about the trade and I am confident that I will accumulate high profit margins in the future.

I will have a short term and long term investment portfolio, depending on the growth potential of the crypto currency. Those with high growth potential I will keep in the Long term investment portfolio, hoping that they will rise in prices in the future. Those with low growth potential I will include in my short term portfolio and sell them in a few days or months.

xCell Fund
Business Type: Holding Company
Position: President
Active: 2013 To Present
Corporate Overview

XCell Fund is a holding company as well as an angel investment company which works with new entrepreneurs. I began the company to oversee all other companies that I own. Employee functions, hiring, business updates are just some of the things that xCell Fund is in charge of. I have about 6 public companies and another 5 private investments that are all under xCell fund. I began investing in some of the businesses from 2010. Mostly focusing on Internet related businesses but since last year I also decided to incorporate tangible businesses one being Response Commodities. Diversification has always been the key that keeps me afloat. I venture into countless businesses and my main goal is to see them succeed.As an Angel investment company, xCell Fund seeks to invest in creative people with great ideas. We will invest in great startups, basically any business venture that has great potential for growth and will generate profits. I am interested in internet related as well as tangible business. I want to target high energy, driven founders who are ready to put their best to build a successful venture. I will am looking to partner with investors and bring my own team to work on the venture.

I have designers, developers, marketing knowledge, experience, content and basically anything that a new venture will need to succeed. I will invest in ventures that create great value for the customers. Apart from xCell Fund investing on various angel projects we also provide a platform when investors can also find investment opportunities that will generate great profits for them. With my own experience of running various companies I will ensure that all potential ventures are rigorously accessed before choosing to invest. I hope to see xCell fund grow exponentially in months to come.

IonBuzz Media Group Logo
Business Type: Affiliate Marketing Company
Position: President
Active: May 2013 To Present
Corporate Overview

I have to reverse my decision of stopping my involvement in the affiliate market, because the urge to continue is too strong to resist. One can only realize how great something is when you step aside and see how the successful processes are conducted. That is what has happened to me, making it hard to stay away from the lively affiliate business.

I have been involved in the establishment of links and networks for a substantial number of years, and now I am set to revert to my lovely field that is affiliate marketing. I rejuvenated my media buying business in May 2013, where I focused on various niches that I had little knowledge about. In incorporated two foreign packages, which are PayPerCall and SEM. As the saying goes that a change is as good as a rest, I have found how refreshing it is to try new things like this venture into new markets. The challenge of lack of knowledge of how the procedure is done gives me a thrill, and it increases my urge to want to learn more.

Google is an amazing platform to market and conduct online business, and it is no wonder that it commands a lot of online traffic, with leaders in online businesses like Exoclick, Facebook, ad infinitum and EngageBDR choosing to channel their online operations through it.

My online business has expanded and I am now able to hire specialists and media buyers who will assist me to rich out to the vast client base, which I have acquired after branching into various sources of traffic that include social sites. The development of the sites was started on 9th April, and in a matter of weeks it will be complete and functional.

Sidago Integrated Solutions
Business Type: Outsourcing / Staffing
Position: President
Active: March 2014 To Present
Corporate Overview
Sidago Integration Solutions is a full service consultation and business process outsourcing firm. I started the firm in March 2014 with the aim of providing a wide range of consolidated and organized services from copywriting and web design to a large focus on outsourcing and workflow improvement. From my experience in running various companies, I noted that I was spending a lot when it comes to hiring and training staff for short-term or minor projects. A lot of these services could be outsourced. I began outsourcing for a few of my business processes saving a lot in operational costs. I was getting the same level of specialized skills at lower cost.
My main goal in starting the company was to help other companies improve service levels, streamline processes, reduce costs, improve process efficiencies and gain access to best processes without investing in requisite technology and skills. Sidago Integration Solutions will help our clients add value to their business and provide them with competitive differentiation. Outsourcing will reduce labor costs and because employees are well trained they are bound to get the same level of service without compromising on quality. Small firms can also benefit from outsourcing by proving them affordable services that large company have as the in-house support therefore leveling the playing field.
One of the things that I will emphasize on when it comes to running the company is customer service. I intent to ensure that we bring our customers the best performance by paying attention to the work quality, time, and budget while delivering impeccable results Sidago outsourcing will provide technical support and first class service. The core of service is to provide with effective solutions for their commercial process.
Business Type: Non-profit
Position: Managing Partner
Active: February 2014 To Present
Corporate Overview
Finally I have been able to get in touch with my brother Kyle’s old business associate, and it has been a great achievement because am now able to retrieve the domain, which is In honor of my brother, I decided to publish a placeholder site in memory of him. My family members and I will never forget the great work he did when he started this foundation, and I decided to include the eulogy that I had prepared and read that day of his funeral.

When I published that quickly patched up site, it was imperative that something more had to be done to keep his candle burning, hold his memories in our minds and tell the world what a great brother we had. The idea gave birth to the formation of 501(c)(3), which is a nonprofit organization.

To be sincere, we are not yet decided about where to channel our charity to because we are spoilt of choice, wondering whether to support animal care and protection, conservation of nature or we just carry on with the existing EWA Kids Nonprofit foundation that is still registered under his name.

We cannot forget Jennifer Barker who his my brother’s ex-fiancée, and my family and I are working hand-in-hand with her so that we can all brainstorm and settle on the right way forward. Since I posted the site and it went live, I have called both my parents and Jennifer on board so that we can create eulogies together and come up with a complete biography that will cement his place on the internet. All of us had different and special attachment to Kyle, and it will be a perfect biography when everyone is given a chance to pour his or her heart and honor our loved family member.

I am glad that these efforts of creating the website that will help me pour my feelings about my brother, and the effort of carrying on with his charity work is giving me the boldness to deal with the pain and grief of losing him.