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Archived Site Details

Certain sites hold a special place in my heart because they either were the beginning of something big, or a monumental step in my growth as a businessman. I’ve created dozens of businesses and hundreds of websites since I began in 2005, noting them all would bore you even more than you are now.

xCell Technologies

xCell Technologies was my first business as a kid and was used is a pseudo-holding company for the websites that I developed. When it came time to actually register the company, we found out that there was another company with a very similar name so I had to come up with something new. After a little thinking and plotting, I came up with Eagle Web Assets. [add dates]

IMGHST Free Hosting

I made this site to offer free image hosting and was one of the first people to do it. Timing was the problem with this site : it was made when bandwidth cost a lot of money and it was extremely hard to manage the uploads that people did. At one point, I had the top ranking for Free Image Hosting – above players like Photobucket. I truly regret taking this site down considering the popularity of sites like Photobucket and my ranking in comparison to them – but hey, you live and you learn.

MySpace Codes

This website was probably the most important site that I’ve ever developed because it marked the beginning of my business and website empire. I was the first website to easily offer MySpace Codes and MySpace Layouts. I woke up one day, checked my AdSense account, and saw that I had made over $1,000 and I had a full day ahead. I had literally made my own niche and keyword. MySpace was huge and when people grabbed layouts, it’d add links back to the site which virally grew the site. As time progressed, I ended up making over $10,000 a day from this site alone. This site motivated me to build my empire to over 450 sites and made me the businessman that I am today.

This was my first ever personal site and mainly dedicated to my forum profiles. I was very active on forums since the early 2000’s and I made this site simply as a hobby. I added forum reviews, a history section, and a short blog. As I built a company, I decided to move away from an the tacoX alias to my personal name. I developed and transerred blog and personal content there.

Smellyface Comics

To say the least, I was under the influence of a lot of drugs when I made this site in college. To burn time, I’d make faces in MS Paint, so I decided to include a few random PHP scripts that would display different images paired with different texts. I still have no clue why I made this, other than the fact that I was probably blacked out when I did it.

What Would Ryan Eagle Do?

I actually didn’t make this site but figured I’d archive it because I thought it was pretty funny. It was made at the height of my popularity and to this day, I’m not sure who made it. On the parody site people could ask questions on how I would handle situations, and get user-submitted answers.

EWA Network

Formed in February 2009, we stepped into the ultra-competitive affiliate network community and claimed our spot as a top tier network providing a better solution for both affiliates and advertisers. EWA is a flagship property and it compels our team to innovate and bring new ideas to the table. We formed EWA with one goal in mind: to crush competitors while maintaining the highest quality leads for advertisers. We maintain personal connections with all our affiliates, pledge to beat any payout, and pay on time to all affiliates. This business was closed in March, 2013.


Formed in July 2010, BLAM Ads isn’t just a player in the incentive industry, we revolutionized the business. We stand alone with our unrivaled advertising technology that will drive you more profit. Content gateway locking, turnkey virtual currency platform, and incent affiliate network. This business was closed March, 2013.

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