2008 – 2013 Forum History

Affiliate Marketing Rise & Fall…
Around 2005 I became involved in affiliate marketing and I mostly kept to myself because the nature of the business I was running at that time was pretty shady. There was no need for me to network, I already had my friends and business associates – why need anymore? As time progressed, I came from the dark side of affiliate marketing to the light side and it became more and more apparent that I needed to network. I also had a dream in mind from the very beginning: I wanted to start a network. Without having my name known, there was no way for me to ever achieve this goal so I needed to start my little social experiment. I decided to join WickedFire, the biggest bunch of trolls in the world – just my type of forum.

Bad press is easier to get than good press, so I figured I’d start out at that angle. Honestly, part of it was planned and part of it was completely by accident, but either way it worked out great in my favor. At the time of joining, I was dominating several of the media buys and I decided it was time to flaunt my hustle a little bit. I went on there, shared who I was, flaunted my top exposure and talked shit to everyone. I made the entire community hate me : a young buck talking shit and flossing his riches. They thought it was obnoxious and hated the fact that I was dominating the media buys and had the balls to throw it in their face. Long story short, I made all of them hate me and it was like that for a very long time.

Slowly but surely my infamy grew and people began talking with me one on one. I ended up meeting more people by establishing a bad reputation that establishing a good one ever could have. People were naturally interested – is this guy serious? Is this guy really who he is? Where did he come from? As I began meeting people one and one, and laughing at myself I began to make solid friendships. I ended up personally knowing and becoming close friends with the majority of the largest media buyers in the industry. My social experiment worked, and the hate was slowing down. I ended up partnering with a close to launch a private network and I used my network of connections to pull publishers into it. It works perfectly and in little time we were pacing at millions of dollars a month in revenue.

I ended up utilizing WickedFire, WarriorForum, StackThatMoney, IMGrind, PPVCoach and several other affiliate or webmaster related communities to leverage relationships and handle support problems for both BLAM Ads and EWA Network. I maintained a great position in comparison to the other networks that had very little presence on the forums. The thing about forums though is that when everything is good, they love you. When things go wrong, you’re the first man to be attacked. When problems began starting at my companies the negative press I got was worse that I could have ever imagined and completely humbling. It was a terrible existence managing relations on the forums with very little I could actually do, but I trucked through the experience and as soon as I decided to close my companies I signed off and never came back on. It was the biggest relief in the world at the time, but looking back – I kinda miss the guys over there to be honest with you. Maybe one of these days I’ll come back and start trolling people again.


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