2005 – 2006 Forum History

Lessons Learned – A New Community…
After learning many lessons about how to run a community, I decided to start fresh once again. I changed the focus of my community from gaming to digital art, creating GFXVoid. I wanted to run this community completely different from GamingVoid – by being more caring, friendly, and forgiving. Members began flooding in and posting their work and tutorials. Within 4 months, GFXVoid was already larger than GamingVoid – and continued to grow exponentially. Soon, the same hacker problems that plagued GamingVoid began to haunt GFXVoid. Sever problems, slow loading, and downtime slowly began hurting the growing community. I began spending hours a day working on GFXVoid, fixing errors, and making sure everything ran smoothly. Instead of being the fun community I once knew, most my time on it was spent fixing things. I decided to sell the community in May 2006 for an undisclosed amount to focus on my company.

(Archived from tacoX.info)

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