2001 – 2003 Forum History

Zelaron and Game Hacking Culture…
Shortly after becoming a member on Cheatlist forums, I began meeting many new members. I met a member named DemiNeo, whom was starting up a new game hacking community. I was invited to join the forum staff as a supreme moderator, my first forum leadership position. I chose the alias of tacoX, and the name stuck. On this forum, I met a fellow member named Chruser – whom quickly befriended me and invited me on the staff of his new community, Zelaron. The engine, layout, and organization of this forum was done well and I decided to take a moderator position. I began focusing more time onto the development and growth of Zelaron forums. I was promoted to Admin, helping the growth of Zelaron for over 2 years. I ended up leaving Zelaron on a bad note, but it was the push that I needed to finally start my own community.

(Archived from tacoX.info)

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