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My Family:
Kyle EagleA memorial website dedicated to my brother, Kyle Eagle.



Ryan Eagle BlogI promise, I’ll blog more than once a year now that I updated to WordPress.

Ryan Eagle TwitterI’ll always love the simplicity of Twitter.

Ryan Eagle InstagramIt’s like Twitter for pictures, sweet! I’m addicted.

Ryan Eagle LinkedInI like business a lot, as you may have guessed.

Ryan Eagle Facebook PageI remember when I actually liked Facebook.

Ryan Eagle CrunchBaseLike LinkedIn but even simpler. Simple is good.

Ryan Eagle Facebook Fan PagePosting here automatically updates my website, doesn’t get much easier than that – does it?

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Communities & Forums:

BitCoinTalk.orgBitcoin / altcoin discussion.

LiteCoinTalk.orgLitecoin discussion.

Bitcoin RedditI think I’m addicted.

Dogecoin RedditSuch crypto much profit.

Litecoin RedditIf bitcoin is the king, litecoin is the queen.

CryptoMarketsGeneral altcoin discussion.

DarkCoin RedditOne of my new favorite alt currencies.

MintCoin RedditAnother favorite new alt currency.



Response CommoditiesImport / Export Logistics & Trade

Eagle Web AssetsAngel Investment


The first money I made online was through developing websites. This part of my history means a lot to me so I have locally hosted the site archives, build out a short description page, created a forum history, and created an interactive site archive. This is mostly for my personal record keeping, but feel free to enjoy:

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