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Ryan Eagle is most known for a being an controversial businessman1 and an investor2. His fate to become a businessman was sealed from the beginning, first dreaming of owning a business all the way back in the 2nd grade3. As Ryan became more interested in computers, he made Bill Gates his role-model and dreamt of building a business like Microsoft one day. In the 5th grade, Ryan self-taught himself HTML and developed his first website4.

In the ninth grade, he made his first money online by selling Diablo II virtual games items. In 2003, he developed his first successful forum5 based and started a developing websites as a hobby6, operating under the business pseudonym xCell Technologies7.

After a series of communities and websites, he added Google AdSense onto his sites – generating his first internet advertising profit of $4.81. This was the beginning of Ryan Eagle’s journey into internet advertising and online businesses.Ryan Eagle decided to make a network of sites that were based on topics he enjoyed. The websites were about upcoming game consoles, flash games, MySpace and anything that interested him. He developed the websites because he wanted to grow and expand his business. As time progressed, advertising revenues increased and he decided to quit his summer job to focus full time on the business. Within weeks of quitting his job, his business exploded generating him thousands of dollars a day in profit. With a lot of hard work and a little luck, one of his sites ranked #1 in Google for a keyword. With the massive success he generated from that one site, he decided to capitalize on it – building hundreds of sites to build up his company & diversify business.

Over time he had created a network of over 450 websites and with the use of SEO he managed to get them ranked in the top positions on Google. Ryan Eagle knew that his business model would not last forever so in 2005 he set a goal to diversify his business outside of just website development and into affiliate marketing. As time progressed, Ryan immersed himself into affiliate marketing more and more – knowing that diversification was the key to long-term success.

In comparison to the instant success he had from websites, affiliate marketing was a challenge and did not yield immediate success for him. Through persistence and resilience, he learned from his mistakes and was able generate profit. As time progressed, the profits from affiliate marketing surpassed profits made from his network of sites. Ryan Eagle decided to put his complete focus in affiliate marketing and for several years he ran successful campaigns on various traffic platforms.

Since starting in the affiliate space, Ryan Eagle wanted to start an affiliate network. In 2009, he partnered with his long time friend, Harrison Gevirtz and started EWA Network. The pair experienced huge success together, starting multiple companies and surpassing $100mm a year in revenue at it’s height. In 2012, for the first time in Ryan’s life, the business started having major financial difficulties and was unable to recover from the damage. Eagle Web Assets, EWA Network and BLAM Ads closed in 2013, leaving Ryan Eagle out of business for the first time in his life.

Ryan Eagle then decided to venture into something totally new, starting an import / export wholesale trade company called Response Commodities in 2013. It had been a goal for Ryan to get into tangible business for quite some time and after being in the internet advertising business for over 10 years, it was the perfect opportunity. In 2014, Ryan Eagle started several new businesses under the angel investment & umbrella holding company, xCell Fund. The primary business model of xCell Fund is to provide angel investment, seed investment and factoring to new businesses and entrepreneurs. Additionally, xCell Fund has six public companies owned by Ryan Eagle under it’s umbrella including Response Commodities, ECC Investments, Sidago Outsourcing, 99Limes Web Development, ionBuzz Media Group and Xinda Global Factoring.

Ryan Eagle’s interests include listening to rap music, tattoos, collecting sneakers, playing RPG video games, web development, public speaking and collecting retro video games. He is also very close to his family – Tom Eagle (father) and Valerie Eagle (mother). In Ryan Eagle’s personal life, he is a recovering addict that got sober on July 4th, 2008. He currently has over five years sober from all drugs and alcohol. Since 2010 he has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Katherine Wagner. In 2013 his younger brother, Kyle Eagle, passed away unexpectedly. Kyle Eagle’s passing was the most traumatic event in Ryan Eagle’s life. To memorialize his brother, Ryan Eagle began planning The Kyle Eagle Foundation 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization in 2014.