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Response Commodities

xCell Fund
Business Type: Import / Export
Position: Founder & President
Active: March 2013 – Present
Corporate Overview

Following the closure of EWA, I decided that I wanted to focus my time on something more tangible – a business outside of the internet industry. One of my friends introduced me to import and export trading business and after doing a couple of wholesale purchases, I was hooked.Response Commodities strives to be a global player in the import / export game. It’s our goal to have diversified portfolio of products that have an international sales reach. Our global network caters to clients across United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. We plan to start operations in South America and Asia soon. We specialize in electronics, nutraceutical products, tobacco products and clothing. Products are imported in from Asia and sold both wholesale and through ecommerice.

Response Commodities imports products primarily from Asia and sells them to retailers, businesses and consumers in United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Our trading teams are highly experienced when it comes to sourcing products from a variety of origins all over Asia, finding them at the lowest prices. We always ensure that ur products are affordable without putting a compromise on quality. Response Commodities then handles the logistics of bulk shipping, bulk selling, and as of 2014 selling to individuals online for higher margins.

Additionally, we are able to do custom orders – offering either unique packaging options or entire products in accordance with our clients needs. Our sales and logistics team work together to ensure there is proper coordination and movements in the delivery of products with minimal product sitting in our warehouses.

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