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ionBuzz Media Group

IonBuzz Media Group Logo
Business Type: Affiliate Marketing Company
Position: President
Active: May 2013 To Present
Corporate Overview

I have to reverse my decision of stopping my involvement in the affiliate market, because the urge to continue is too strong to resist. One can only realize how great something is when you step aside and see how the successful processes are conducted. That is what has happened to me, making it hard to stay away from the lively affiliate business.

I have been involved in the establishment of links and networks for a substantial number of years, and now I am set to revert to my lovely field that is affiliate marketing. I rejuvenated my media buying business in May 2013, where I focused on various niches that I had little knowledge about. In incorporated two foreign packages, which are PayPerCall and SEM. As the saying goes that a change is as good as a rest, I have found how refreshing it is to try new things like this venture into new markets. The challenge of lack of knowledge of how the procedure is done gives me a thrill, and it increases my urge to want to learn more.

Google is an amazing platform to market and conduct online business, and it is no wonder that it commands a lot of online traffic, with leaders in online businesses like Exoclick, Facebook, ad infinitum and EngageBDR choosing to channel their online operations through it.

My online business has expanded and I am now able to hire specialists and media buyers who will assist me to rich out to the vast client base, which I have acquired after branching into various sources of traffic that include social sites. The development of the sites was started on 9th April, and in a matter of weeks it will be complete and functional.