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ECC Investments

ECC Investments
Business Type: Forex & Cryptocurrency Trading Company
Position: Managing Partner
Active: March 2014 To Present
Corporate Overview

ECC Investments is a crypto-currency trading company that I began on March 31st and it went public in April 3rd 2014. A crypto-currency is a type of digital currency that uses encryptions as a means of securing it. Some examples of well know crypto-currencies include Bitcoins, Doge Coins, Litecoins amongst others. I decided to get my hands dirty by investing in alt currencies the only disadvantage was that I could not get any coins myself as nobody could tell me where I could purchase them. Luckily I had a friend who explained to me the whole buying process very patiently.

I made my first purchase on January 22 this year getting myself into the league of neck-bearded nerds. I began actively trading different types of currencies hitting my first huge success with Dogecoin . I enjoy trading crypto currencies and decided to invest on them large scale and thus formed ECC Investments. What was a hobby became a business venture. Crypto-currency trading involves risk and a level of uncertainty. However it can yield high results when done well. I decided to learn about the trade and I am confident that I will accumulate high profit margins in the future.

I will have a short term and long term investment portfolio, depending on the growth potential of the crypto currency. Those with high growth potential I will keep in the Long term investment portfolio, hoping that they will rise in prices in the future. Those with low growth potential I will include in my short term portfolio and sell them in a few days or months.