2003 – 2005 Forum History

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2003 – 2005 Forum History

Leading a Community…

I was hurt about the entire situation that caused me to leave Zelaron forums, and decided to take a break from forums for several months. After a little forum vacation, I decided to start a gaming community with my brother, Demo. We chose the name GamingVoid, with the intention to make an entire void network of sites following this one. This community grew quick, and many memorable members. Unfortunately, this community came to an abrupt and tragic end due to contact hackers. Resurrection of the community was near impossible because of the damage the hackers did and the faulty forum software used. Another major contributing factor to the demise of GamingVoid was poor leadership on my part. I was a very cold, strict leader that ruled with an iron fist. Many members became upset with me and helped bring the community down. It was a situation I could not repair, and had to close the community in 2005.

(Archived from tacoX.info)

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