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xCell Technologies

Business Type: Website Development Holding Company
Position: Founder & Owner
Active: February 2002 – June 2004 (2 years, 2 months)
Corporate Overview
xCell Technologies was the first ‘company’ that I ever created, essentially being a holding company for all the websites that I developed. I created websites based on topics that I enjoyed, ranked them in search engines using SEO, and generated profit from the websites. xCell Technologies was not a client-based business (we didn’t create websites for others), all of the websites created, programmed, and SEO’d were for self-profit.
In 2002, I started off developing game related web portals and transitioned into creating my first forum community. After learning from mistakes, I ended up developing a second community based around Photoshop. Around the same time, I created network of individual sites based on hobbies and topics I enjoyed. I utilized a nimble content management system created by my brothers company, EWS Corporation. This PHP code allowed me to deploy 2-3 websites daily, completely SEO’d, and rankable within weeks of launching.
I created a network of websites ranging from sites about next generation game consoles, to web hosting, to free image hosting, blog modification, and myspace-related websites. Soon profits began to rise more and more and the network size grew to around 150 sites before under the xCell Technologies name. After hitting massive success with this company in 2004, it’s name was changed to Eagle Web Assets, Inc. Under Eagle Web Assets, the Website Development division grew to over 450 websites.
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